Big Ideas

10 Provocative Ideas

In my writing for Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Wired, I’ve explored a number of themes that have generated discussion throughout the business world, education circles, and beyond.
Here’s a top-10 list of “big ideas” I’ve been writing and speaking about of late. Click on each title to read more.  

Q1Forget the mission statement; what’s your “Mission Question?”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Q2Want to solve any business problem? Start with these 3 questions

Fast Company

Q3This app is worth $100 million—luckily, you already own it

Wall Street Journal

Q4A simple phrase that can spark innovation

Harvard Business Review


Q5Why “design thinking” can change your business (and maybe the world)

~ Wired

Q6Why today’s business leaders should encourage more questioning throughout the company

The New York Times

Q7One basic thing we can do in classrooms to help kids learn better


Q8Does your company have a “Culture of Inquiry?” Here’s how to foster one

Havard Business Review (or view the SlideShare)

Q9“What’s my tennis ball?”—and other questions that can change your life

~ Psychology Today

Q10The 5 questions a leader should never ask 

~ Harvard Business Review

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